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Designing A Roof Using CAD
in Flagstaff Arizona

As far as construction goes, one of the most important factors of any structure is the roof. A poorly executed roofing project can prove detrimental to a building and cost several thousand dollars to repair. Furthermore, a bad roofing job can be the source of frustration, stress, and anxiety by causing unseen damage to other parts of a building. Older buildings can be structurally sound but need major roof repairs and roofing redesign. Computer aided design is the best way to map out such a project prior to any construction taking place. A roofing contractor that specializes in computer aided design would be ideal to such a redesign project.

Computer aided design (CAD) is the use of computer programs and systems to aid in the design, production, creation, or assessment of a design project. Computer aided design can increase the quality of a design. Additionally, computer aided design uses precision and vector based drawing techniques to create models that are built to scale. CAD can render two or three dimensional scale models of a project. The builder analyzes these drafts to aid in the production of the finished project.

Most homeowners go out of their way to hire a competent roofing contractor and builder that they can trust to get a roofing project right from the beginning. Homeowners living in Flagstaff Arizona would do well to seek the services of a roofer that uses CAD to design a project.

Building components can be analyzed and compared through the computer aided drawing and therefore tested through the program before they are implemented on the actual building. This helps the designer and builder work through the project before any building takes place. Using CAD in a building project allows for more customization and precision in the final project. All parties involved, can have input on the final renderings.

Many factors come into play when designing a roof. Outlining these specifications within a computer aided design system makes the physical construction that much easier. The weight of the structure and its relation to the roof has to be considered when designing a roof. Intricate design techniques can be tested within a computer aided design model and implemented into the final project.

One of these design techniques is truss design. Truss design utilizes a series of asymmetrical and symmetrical arcs arranged in a lattice like shape to withstand the load of the structure. The underlying principle of truss design is that the arch should be able to bear the load of the main beam. Truss design is often used in the construction of bridges, but this design technique can be applied to other types of structures as well.

CAD is the perfect marriage of graphic design, computer programming, and architecture. Computer aided design improves the productivity of the designer and the quality of the design. Many Flagstaff based construction projects in some way or form, benefited from the principles of computer aided design. It has become the norm in the arenas of building construction and contracting for a number of years.

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