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Handling Roof Damage from Hazardous Storms

Serious Storms Can Cause Severe Destruction

Hundreds of homeowners that live in Fort Worth, Texas have to deal with strong spring storms and the damage that they can do to their house every year. A common question these homeowners are faced with is how do I identify storm damage and what roofing contractor can I trust?

Helpful Tips from a Professional Roofer

We would like to share with you some helpful tips to help you with spotting storm damage and choosing a professional roofer that will get the roof repair job completed correctly.

Detecting Damage from the Ground

After a server storms with heavy rains and straight-line winds what type of damage will the untrained-eye be able to see on my roof top?

  • Obvious damage can be seen to the roof’s shingles. Many times you will be able to see lifted shingles. This is a big indicator of roof damage.
  • You may also be able to see substantial destruction to your siding and gutters. If you’re gutters or siding have visible damage, more than likely your shingles will have damage.
  • Extreme winds that a F1 Tornado produces can yield damage to the metal on your home’s window metal frames. Obvious dents will be present in the metal frames.

Identifying Major Damage

How can a person detect hail damage if they are not a roofer? What should they look for exactly? Are there any dangers if I ignore roof damage and do not repair my roof?

  • Spotting roof damage can be difficult if you’re not an expert. However, if you’re trying to identify damage after a storm it’s best to inspect your roof at dusk or dawn. At these times, the sun casts shadows that make it easy to see uneven spots on your roof. Uneven spots are what you should look for.
  • Spotting major damage to shingle is a tough task from the ground if you own a large house. You will want to hire an expert to get on your roof to inspect it thoroughly. The expert will look for dark spots in many areas on the roof. These obscure sports are bare areas where shingles have been shredded away from resilient winds. Many times, heavy wind will leave shingles scatted throughout your yard and driveway.
  • Not repairing your roof can have many risks. For one, if you do not repair your roof you run the risk of water leaks. Water leaks can lead to rotting spots and ultimately a sagging roof. If your roof is hit in a bad spring storm and you want to mid-summer or even later. The heat from the summer can make what was a minor repair turn into a complete new roof installation.

Hiring the Right Roofing Contractor

There are many contractors in Fort Worth, Texas. Hiring a contractor can be an overwhelming task. What do you suggest?

  • After a storm you will more than likely receive many fliers on your door from local roofing companies. However, just because you receive a flyer from a company does not mean that’s your only option. Use the Internet as your research tool.
  • Make sure the roofer is licensed, insured & bonded, and has a solid reputation.
  • Talk to your neighbors – if you were a victim of the storm, chances are you neighbor was too. See if what type of bids they received. Compare apples to apples.

To summarize, when a strong storm hits check for obvious storm damage from the ground. If you see visible damage on your roof, call a local professional to come out and access the situation. Choose the roofing company carefully by doing your research and compare all options.

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