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Flagstaff Roofing/Roof Repair

Helping Flagstaff Residents Re-Build Their RoofsMany people today struggle to keep their heating and cooling bills under control. As the prices for natural gas and electricity rise, homeowners continue to seek ways to reduce their expenses when it comes to keeping their houses at comfortable temperatures. Rather than be relegated to paying high utility costs, many people in Flagstaff Arizona have taken to improving their homes’ roofs. Some homeowners do not realize that old and useless materials on a home’s roof can lead to higher utility expenses. Removing these materials in favor of more energy-efficient choices can help people enjoy savings in their cooling and heating bills. At Energy Roofers, we are here to help our customers find solutions to reducing their energy bills.

We also stand ready to help people who are building new structures. These individuals must choose their roofs’ materials wisely in order to avoid high utility costs before they even move into their new home. When they consult with us, we can guide them into choosing a material that suits their building needs while saving them money at the same time. Similarly, people who need their roofs repaired rely on us to provide them with a newer and more energy-efficient choice. We make available the highest quality rooftop materials in the area for their roof repair projects.

Shingle Roofing – The Most Popular Choice

One of the most popular choices our customers opt for is our selection of shingles. Customers who come to us and tell us that they want their homes to have a clean and uniform appearance often find that shingle roofing meets their needs. This choice gives a home’s roof a neutral, yet appealing look. Customers also appreciate our shingle roofing for their resistance to fire and weather elements.

Tile Roofing – The Decorative Choice

When our customers want a decorative roofing material, they often choose from our selection of tile roofing. A historic material, tile roofing has been available for thousands of years and has long been appreciated for its energy-efficient qualities. A tile roof installed by our roofing company can withstand the harshest of weather, including severe heat, hail storms, and high winds. It is also resistant to seismic activity that often causes other roofs to buckle, crack, and collapse. Even more, this choice comes in a range of colors, making it possible for our customers to custom design how they would like their roofs to appear. When they want a decorative choice for their rooftops, our clients often choose from our availability of tiles.

Foam Roofing – The Lightweight Selection

Foam Roofing Project by Energy RoofersOur customers in Flagstaff who want a durable, yet lightweight selection often choose our foam roofing. This choice proves easy for a roofing contractor to install and maintain. However, foam roofing also is appreciated for its ability to block heat from outside. Because most buildings shift and settle over time, some roofs are unable to withstand this movement. However, this material shifts and moves with a home over time, resisting the cracking and buckling from which other rooftops suffer. People also appreciate that foam is water resistant and prevents the pooling of water that sometimes can be found in other materials. Foam continues to be one of our most popular choices among our customers.

Replacing one’s roof or having a roof repair project completed helps people in our service area avoid high energy costs. With prices for natural gas and electricity on the rise, we understand when our clients need help in escaping such high expenses that come from cooling and heating their houses.

We are ready to offer them:

  • Shingles that are neutral toned and fire resistant.
  • Foam that is lightweight and durable.
  • Tiles that are decorative and resistant to environmental factors.

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