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Sedona Roofing Contractor

Homeowners want the best materials for every aspect of their home improvement projects. While they may enjoy saving money, they also want roofing choices that will last for years and also help improve their homes’ energy efficiency. When our Sedona Arizona customers ask us for advice, we make available high quality materials and services that help people successfully complete their roof repair or replacement projects. They can rely on us at Energy Roofers to provide them with fast installation and service that guarantees that their new roofs will give them years of enjoyment.


Our Sedona clients rely on us for all aspects of their roofing needs, including those that come with roof repair. When a person buys an older home, one of the first things that individual might do is have the roof replaced or repaired. Old materials are no longer useful and could contribute to the home’s high energy costs. Rather than risk paying expensive heating and cooling bills or dealing with water leaks, that person can hire our roofing contractor professionals to apply new materials that make improve the roof’s performance.

Shingle Roofing – Neutral Appearance

Sedona Shingle RoofingPeople who want a uniform and neutral appearance for their roofs often choose shingle roofing. When one of roofing contractor professionals installs a shingle roof, people know that they are getting a durable roof that withstands both weather elements and fire. In fact, our shingles are tested to be extremely safe during a fire and have been given a class A listing for their fire safety qualities. Their ability to grip to the home’s surface also prevents the likelihood that they will be blown off during inclement weather.

Foam Roofing

Foam also proves to be one of our most popular materials. Customers who choose foam roofing often do so because they want a choice that will withstand water pooling and prevent water leaks into the house. In fact, older homes that suffer from water leaks during rainstorms often do better when their roofs are replaced with foam. Even more, foam roofing moves with the home as the structure settles and shifts over time. Instead of cracking and buckling, this material will move with the home and resist the damage that other materials may acquire over time.

Tile Roofing – The Decorative Element

Many of our customers look for selections that will add beauty and a decorative element to their homes. When they want a specific color for their roof, people may choose from our variety of tile roofing. In fact, tile has been a common choice for homes for thousands of years. It has proven itself as a long-lasting material that withstands environmental factors like high winds, extreme heat, and torrential rains. With the selection of colors available at EnergyRoofers, people can find a color that looks good on their home’s roof and gives their house the decorative appearance that they desire. Many people appreciate that they can customize how they want their homes to look when they choose tile roofing.

Homeowners in Sedona AZ have a variety of reasons for needing their roofs to be repaired or upgraded. Many people begin this project because they want to reduce their homes’ energy costs. Others want to repair the damage done by wind, rain, hail, and other weather elements. Some homeowners also want to make their homes more decorative by adding a colorful tile roof. Whatever their reason, we can help homeowners by offering fast and reliable services along with our high-quality materials. We provide:

  • Repairs for older homes with leaky and damaged roofs.
  • Energy efficient selections for homes with high utility bills.
  • Decorative tile when people want customized roofs.

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