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Roofing Services in Verde Valley Arizona

Located in the heart of Arizona, Verde Valley attracts new residents who want to enjoy the scenic beauty and history of this area. This location offers people the benefits of an agreeable climate, modern school systems, and fun and attractions that include adventure ranches, casinos, and hiking opportunities. Homeowners also enjoy living in a region that features mountains, canyons, and rivers. They agree that this part of Arizona offers a unique lifestyle that cannot be found in other parts of the country.

However, this state is also well known for its bright sunshine and varied temperatures. The summers in particular tend to be very hot and dry. While many people enjoy the warmth and sunshine, their homes’ structures could be compromised because of the heat. Even more, if they do not have energy efficient roofs, people could pay hefty energy bills. Homeowners in this part of the state may find flat roofing to suit their energy efficiency needs. They can select this relatively new style of roofing and experience a significant decrease in their energy costs.

Also called single ply roofing, this method avoids using common materials that are known well to most homeowners. Instead of utilizing asphalt and products made from oil, flat roofing uses PVC, rubber, plastic, and other selections that today are much more affordable. Indeed, materials that are made from oil by-products often have prices that are based on current petroleum prices. People know that petroleum can be expensive in today’s market, which in turn drives up the prices for some roofing materials. However, when Verde Valley homeowners select roofing, they can take satisfaction that their choice will be more affordable.

Unlike traditional roofing, this style features PVC, plastic, vinyl, and other like materials being combined and then rolled into a single roll. As it is laid out, it is heat welded and becomes more water resistant and energy efficient. Roofers often prefer this style because it is safer and they stand less of a chance of being burned, unlike when they lay hot tar roofs. Roofers also observe that single ply roofing has higher reflectivity because of its white coloring. It can reflect the sun and heat much better and thus make the inside of the owner’s home more comfortable. People who want the benefit of energy efficiency and appeal when it comes to their style of roof are encouraged to consider flat roofing.


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