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Northern Arizona Metal Roofing
By Energy Roofers

Video Transcription

“Hello. My name is Monte Pierce, owner of Energy Roofers. We’re licensed in commercial and residential roofing. We also do metal roofing. We offer standing seam, basically lifetime metal roofing. We can also do pro-panel or Nor-Clad roofing. That’s the 36-inch-wide panels. Metal Roofing Is A Long Term SolutionThe metal roofing is a very high-quality good choice because it is lifetime, in areas such as Flagstaff up here in Northern Arizona with the steep roofs and the mountainous country, in case of a fire, metal roofing has a good fire rating and that’s a good choice.

We also offer decorative metals such as Gerard and DECRA metal. They kind of take on the look of shingle or tile. They have a very nice profile, and those also offer lifetime warranties. And we can offer different profiles in the metal, as far as the standing seam. There’s a very wide color selection too. Basically blues, reds, greens, copper colors, tans, grays. Metal roofing is quite a bit more expensive than the basic comp roofs, but they are lifetime so you can weigh those costs. Usually the metal does come out better in the long run. It also increases the value of your house.”

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