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Product Summary: Interior Spray Foam Insulation

Q: What is polyurethane interior foam?
A: Interior foam is a 2 component polyurethane system, that when processed through a heated and pressurized proportioning unit, is spray applied to the inside wall cavity of a structure, providing an air barrier and insulation in one process. This material is deemed environmentally friendly (zero ozone depletion) by the EPA. This product is also an Energy Star rated product which may qualify for tax incentives.

Interior Foam Will Return The Cost Of Your Insulation To You In Five Years

Interior foam costs more than traditional insulation, but that’s not the whole story. The cost of installing interior foam is not money spent, its money invested. Money spent is money gone, money invested is money that keeps on giving back to your pocketbook. Interior foam will return the cost of your insulation to you in five years. Government studies have shown that in a home insulated with traditional insulation, 40% of your energy costs fly out of your home’s exterior. Interior foam’s air seal advantage stops all air infiltration. It is not hard to calculate how fast a 40% savings in energy costs can pay back your investment in interior foam. In five years your insulation is free. In ten years your insulation is now a source of revenue. That is the whole story.

Interior Foam Makes Your Home Rigid And Strong

A stronger structure is a safer structure. The creation of a monolithic wall barrier rigidifies and strengths the framing of a building. Interior foam is sprayed into the stud wall cavity, tying the studs and exterior sheathing together as one.

Interior Foam “The Healthier Home” Advantage

Your home is your castle. You want your castle to be safe, quiet and healthy. Interior foam eliminates the possibility of pollutants, rodents, and pests from entering your castle. More importantly interior foam eliminates much of the roof causes of mold growth. Mold can turn your castle into a shack. For mold to grow it needs oxygen, a food source and moisture. Moisture comes from warm air condensing on a cold surface. The superior “Air Seal” of interior foam eliminates both the airflow of hot to cold and the cold surface needed for condensation. Further, interior foam, in third party testing, has been proven to be an inert non food source for mold. Interior foam eliminates two of the three necessary elements needed for mold, moisture and a food source. No mold, no outside pollutants, no pests, no rodents, that is the interior foam Healthier Home advantage.

Energy Roofers uses Gaco Western Wall foam. Information on this page are excerpts from the Gaco WallFoam brochure. Gaco is a member of the US Green Building Council.


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