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Top 5 Roofing Rules Every
Roofer Should Follow

Safety First

By the very nature of roofing, the importance of safety equipment can never be underestimated because, honestly, working on any roof at a minimum of 20’ above the ground performing any task can result in serious injury or death with falling. A secured harness is the surest way to prevent injury if a fall does occur, but rarely are roofers seen wearing them. It is advisable to purchase one and use it regularly.

Protective Clothing

With the extreme temperatures in Arizona, the rooftop temperature can easily be five to ten degrees hotter, and it may seem contrary to wear long sleeve shirts and long pants to perform Scottsdale roof repairs, but it is required to protect the roofing contractor from cuts and scrapes. Actually, cotton shirts will wick moisture away from the body and by sweating it will actually keep the worker cool in elevated temperatures.

Speed and Efficiency

Other than safety considerations and clothing, the most important roofing tools for roofing companies in Peoria Arizona to utilize while performing roof repair are tools that will increase their efficiency and improve the quality of craftsmanship. A roofing nailer and air compressor are indispensible to quickly secure composition shingles to a roof.

Measure Twice, Cut Once

The old rule of “measure twice, cut once” certainly applies to roof repair as proper cuts and alignment of roofing materials play a major role in protecting the structure that lies beneath the roof. Sloppy cuts can allow water, debris or wind to get up under the roof sections and weaken its integrity. To this task, a quality framing square is essential for measuring and marking accurately, as is investing in a quality circular saw. Keeping an inventory of sharp replacement saw blades is good practice.

Tools of the Trade

Last but not least, every worker in this trade should have a well-made roofing hammer and utility knife with extra blades in the tool bag at all times.

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