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5 Most Common Roof Types
in Sedona Arizona

For those folks living in Arizona who are in need of a new roof, contacting a reputable roofing company is a must. This company is the best source to visit to learn what type is the most economical and practical for the customer’s personal needs.

The roofing contractor will tell the customer that there are five roofing types that are the most common in Arizona. They are tile, shingle, foam, asphalt and metal. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages.

1. Tile

Tile Roofing Services by Energy RoofersA popular choice for either the home or business is tile. This type is made of clay and concrete tiles. These tiles are safe since they are resistant to hail, fire, and even rain and moisture. They are attractive since they are available in a variety of styles and colors.

Tile roofing will keep the home warmer in the winter and cool in the heat of the summer.

2. Shingle

The choice of shingle could come in a variety of different types of shingles. There are slate, wood, and composite shingles that are available for the important covering of your home. The most common type of shingles in the US are the fiberglass-based asphalt shingles. Tile will tend to last longer since the material is harder and not prone to deterioration because of rotting which can happen with shingles. Wood shingles use natural oils for protection and the hot sun of Arizona will soften these oils and erosion could result after more rain.

3. Foam

foam roof repair SedonaThis type has been used for the roof or insulation for more than 45 years. Foam is the most affordable, is dependable and can last long. Many foam systems have been known to last for decades, however, they need to be maintained in the proper way.

Some of the advantages are a seamless finish since the foam is applied as a liquid that is used in a spray. Foam is lightweight, has good insulation properties, is flexible and a long life.

It is used mostly for commercial purposes.

4. Asphalt

Asphalt has been utilized for at least 100 years, and is still used today. The steep-slope style is used for homes while the low-slope is mainly used for commercial buildings. The low-slope can use a wide variety of peel-and-stick products and low-fuming formulations. Steep-slope styles can be strip shingles, interlocking shines, large individual shingles and laminate shingles. These can be found in many choices of modern styles and shadow lines. Rich colors are available to enhance the appearance of the home. Asphalt is durable, can withstand extreme cold and heat, all weather, is long-lasting and easy to maintain.

5. Metal

Metal Roofing by Energy RoofersMetal may sound like a noisy choice, however, it is still being used for homes and businesses. It is chosen for energy efficiency as well as used for beauty and a long life.

Contacting a professional Sedona Arizona roofing contractor is the first step in making that very important decision that is economical, beautiful and practical.

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